Making rugs is fast, easy and fun!

They work up fast because there isn't any sewing and we can tear all of our strips of fabric in a couple of minutes. Our rug making method is relaxing.
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Preparation for Class

Tear your fabric lengthwise, on grain, make two inch wide strips. Fast Tearing Technique is on page 2 of your pattern. I stack my ends of fabric together and fold over the end of the fabric an inch and cut a slit 1/2 inch long lengthwise so when you open the fabric back out, your slit will be one inch long.

Make sure that you don't cut your slits too close to the edge, or they will tear out. If you don't like the wrong side of your fabric, then you need to press your strips in half lengthwise so when you make your rug, the wrong side of the fabric won't show. If you use batiks or homespun fabrics you don't need to press your strips because there isn't a wrong side.

It is to your benefit to read your pattern on the Oval Rug before class, and try to understand what you will be doing in the class.


  • A tape measure or yardstick
  • Large safety pin
  • Aunt Philly's needle
  • At least 1 1/2 yards of fabric prepared as stated above for class
  • Pattern for the Oval Rug

Thank you for taking my class.

Phyllis Hause